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All photos are of the Knik River Basin and are the property of the photographers and subject to all copyright laws

whitekeys swan

Recreation:  Double click on a photo

A beautiful day for a ride to the glacier

A flight upriver.  Bill Quirk

Four-wheeled ride.  R Howard

Four-legged ride. R Howard

Go hunting.  R Howard

Go skiing.  R Howard

Go hiking with a fourlegged friend.  R Howard

Go paddling

Go birding. R Howard

Go biking.  R Howard

Go fishing.  Steve Rowland

A day at the Jim Creek beach.  M. Hansen

I try to look at the Jim-Swan issues in positive terms. There are at least 17 types of recreational user groups that could find visiting the area a rewarding experience - given appropriate consideration for the habitats.  However, the current trend dominated by only a couple of user groups, is rapidly destroying, and permanently, the experience for all other users.

               -Austin Helmers